Aequil. Cat Funz. Weight  85 Gr

Aequil. Cat Funz. Weight 85 Gr


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Product Details:

Composition: meat and derivates (beef 30%, chicken

21%), cereals (rice 1%), minerals, sugars, MOS, polyphenols

extracted from grapes. Nutritional additives: Vitamin A: UI

4000, Vitamin D3: UI 500, Vitamin E: mg 60, Vitamin B1: mg

0.8, Vitamin B2: mg 2.24, Vitamin B6: mg 0.40, Vitamin B12: mg

0.004, Vitamin PP: mg 3.60, Taurine 1000mg, Choline chloride:

mg 600, Folic acid: mg 0.20, Calcium (d-pantothenate

calcium): mg 2.4; I-carnitine: mg 16, Zinc (Glycine hydrate zinc

chelate): mg 10, Iron (iron chelate II of glycine hydrate): mg

1.6, Manganese (manganese chelate of glycine hydrate): mg

1.2, Iodium (potassium iodide): mg 0.28, Selenium (sodium

selenite): mg 0.08. Analitycal constituents: Humidity 81.2%,

Crude protein 8.5%, Crude fats 2.5%, Crude ash 2.1%, Crude

fiber 0.4%, Energy value 650 Kcal/kg.

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