Qingdao Sea Salt Aquarium Technology Co., Ltd.’s core brand – Blue Treasure, its series of sea salt products are based on the chemical composition of ocean water, with a variety of pure inorganic minerals, vitamins and food-grade raw materials extracted compound, to improve the ocean Biological immunity has a remarkable effect, creating a natural healthy environment for marine life.
The Blue Treasure series of sea salt products not only retains various macro elements, micro elements and trace elements in natural seawater, but also does not add additional nutritive elements such as nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), silicon (Si) etc and the toxic elements to the marine organism such as Oxygen (Os), beryllium (Be), and tellurium (Tl) etc. The synthetic seawater which is colorless, non-foaming, pure and non-polluting. It has an ideal pH buffering capacity and a stable pH value. Ensure the artificial seawater does not contain organic pollutants such as surfactants, organophosphorus pesticides, petroleum hydrocarbons, etc., which always exist in natural inshore sea water. It’s the best choice for breeding sea creatures for inland environment or places that needs clean seawater.

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