At New Life International, we never lose sight of who our real ‘consumers’ are: your aquarium dwelling companions. We’re focused on doing what’s best for them, not best for our marketing pitch or our bottom line. In fact, we believe creating extraordinary benefit for your aquarium is why we exist, and in doing so, the bottom line will take care of itself. Profit follows Product.

We’ve been proven right. Spectrum has grown through great word-of-mouth on it’s quality and effectiveness — only possible by putting out an extraordinary, no-compromise product. We do this by putting more of each jar’s sale price into ingredients. It’s easy to say you believe in quality — but harder to hold to that commitment. A product is a result of a thousand small decisions testing that commitment. It’s the sum of all these small choices… choosing the no-compromise path every time, that results in something extraordinary. We enjoy the aquarium hobby, and care about aquarium dwellers and their health. That’s our bottom line.

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