Sera-X-Edge 700 Eckfilter

Sera-X-Edge 700 Eckfilter


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sera X-Edge – corner filter

Powerful and energy efficient corner filters for aquariums up to 300 liters (79 US gal.)

sera X-Edge 300, 450 and 700 are modern corner filters that are particularly powerful due to sophisticated technology while working quietly. They are very easy to integrate optically into the aquarium. Mechanical filtration is achieved by a filter mat as well as a filter sponge that effectively prefilter dirt particles. They protect the biological filter media against dirt and increase the biological efficacy of the corner filter by doing so. The filter basket is already filled with the biological high performance filter medium sera siporax mini Professional for reliable biological filtration.

The water flow rate of the sera X-Edge corner filters is steplessly adjustable and can also be directed variably due to the included spray bar. Alternatively, the duck beak nozzle allows to create a soft current. This nozzle also allows to increase oxygen supply: air, which is then mixed with the water and transported into the aquarium, can be drawn in via the injector by means of the included air set.

As with all filters by sera, the safety aspect was of course also considered in the construction of the sera X-Edge corner filters. Corner filters may become dangerous for fish and shrimps under certain circumstances. Two areas must be considered here. On the one hand, fish sometimes swim behind the corner filter and are in danger of being trapped there. The “swim-stop” preventing the fish from swimming behind the corner filter integrated for this reason. On the other hand, young shrimps in particular often crawl through the filter media to the inside of the filter – that can of course become dangerous for the animals. Tightly fitting filter media are being used for preventing this.

Attaching the corner filters is very easy: a holder plate is attached at the aquarium glass with four suction cups. The corner filter can afterwards be clicked to the holder plate. The filter can be removed from the holder plate in the same way for cleaning. It is alternatively also possible to take the mat out under water.

All sera X-Edge filters are energy efficient:

Pump performance max. Power uptake

300 l/h (79 US gal./h)

4.2 W

450 l/h (119 US gal./h)

5 W

700 l/h (185 US gal./h)

8.5 W

Concerning the performance range of the sera X-Edge corner filters, we differentiate according to the volume as well as the stocking density:


several small fish / shrimps two small fish / shrimps

X-Edge 300

50 l (13 US gal.)

100 l (26 US gal.)

X-Edge 450

80 l (21 US gal.)

200 l (53 US gal.)

X-Edge 700

100 l (26 US gal.)

300 l (79 US gal.)

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