AIRFRESH Deodorizer
AIRFRESH Deodorizer
AIRFRESH Deodorizer

AIRFRESH Deodorizer


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AIRFRESH Deodorizer

Version Width Height Depth Item number
7.40 cm 6.50 cm 9.80 cm 20401899


  • 9 x 6.5 x 48 cm
    ANTIDEODORIZATION: built-in live oxygen generator to convert air O2 into O3. O3 has live oxidation, which can decompose the source odor molecules and reconvert them into harmless gas. It can also destroy the cell membrane structure of bacteria and have a good sterilization effect.

    Used on the cat toilet to remove odor
    Infared sensor
    Kill bacteria
    No filter needed
    Super silent
    USB charging

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