Anti-Stress Diffuser
Anti-Stress Diffuser
Anti-Stress Diffuser

Anti-Stress Diffuser


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Product Details:

Anti-Stress Diffuser Environment

For Cats

1 diffuser and 1 refill 48 ml bottle


  •  Efficient 6 weeks
  •  Contains synthetic versions of pheromones

Made in Europe


Cats naturally produce soothing pheromones, which allow them to calm themselves in various situations. The FRANCODEX ANTI-STRESS DIFFUSER contains synthetic versions of these pheromones, creating an environment where your cat will feel safe. It is especially recommended for use in the event of inappropriate behaviour (urinary marking, excessive scratching) caused by stressful situations, such as moving, changing environments, the arrival of a new animal, the birth of a child, exposure to loud noises or social events. The ANTI-STRESS DIFFUSER is effective for 6 weeks.

Installing the diffuser:
1/ Unscrew the plug from the refill and insert the refill into the diffuser.
2/ Plug the diffuser into the socket in an UPRIGHT position. Turn the diffuser if needed. The vial must always be located under the plug. For maximum efficiency, the ANTI-STRESS DIFFUSER must be connected to a 220-240 V DC outlet for the full recommended period of use.
Cleaning: Each vial will diffuse for approximately 6 weeks. However, ventilation, location, temperature and humidity can affect the diffusion rate. For the most effective use, replace the refill every 6 weeks. To clean the diffuser, unplug it and wipe it with a dry cloth. Wash your hands after handling the diffuser. If the diffuser is unplugged, clean it and store it in an UPRIGHT position. Do not place the refill or cap directly on fragile surfaces (painted or polished surfaces, plastic, etc.). The diffuser may emit a slight odour similar to that of an electric radiator, especially when it has accumulated dust. The solution in the vial may become yellowish. This has no impact on the quality of the product.
Change the diffuser after 6 months of continuous use or after using 4 refills.

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