Aqua Medic Reef Salt 4 kg
Aqua Medic Reef Salt 4 kg

Aqua Medic Reef Salt 4 kg


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Reef Salt is a dynamic new formulation, specifically designed for the needs of the modern reef aquarium.    
Reef Salt is blended from chemically pure raw materials, continuously quality controlled, achieves elevated levels of calcium and alcalinity reserve without resorting to harmful chelating agents, contains all the essential trace elements and enhanced levels of Strontium and Iodine, dissolves easily and leaves no residue.    

Dissolving Aqua Medic Reef Salt: For a salinity of 35 ‰, requires around 38 g of Reef Salt dissolved in one liter of water. It is recommended to use osmosis water since turbidity can occur in tap water in hard water areas. Always put the salt into the water, never the other way round, as it can lead to insolubility by over-saturation. As soon as the mixed solution is clear, the saltwater can be added directly to the aquarium if used for small water changes (up to about 10%). In case of a new set-up or larger water changes (up to 50% is possible) the water obtained should be aerated for 24 hours to stabilize the pH value.

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