Canvit AMINO sol. 250ml

Canvit AMINO sol. 250ml


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Canvit AMINO sol.

Canvit Amino sol. is a complex of hydrophilic group B vitamins, amino acids, glucose and salts in the form of a liquid solution. These substances support the organism during increased physiological stress, during the period of growth, recovery, reproduction and stress of all kinds (temperature, nutritional, transport).

Supplementary food for dogs and cats: glucose 30.00%, sodium chloride 1.80%, magnesium chloride 0.02%.

Analytical components: moisture 69.57%.

Supplements in 1 liter: vitamins and provitamins:

Choline chloride (3a890) 20,000 mg, Niacinamide (3a315) 2,000 mg, D-panthenol (3a842) 1,000 mg, Vitamin B1 500 mg, Vitamin B2 500 mg, Vitamin B6 (3a831) 500 mg, Biotin (3a880) 3 mg.

amino acids: L-lysine HCL (3.2.3) 8,000 mg, L-threonine (3.3.1.) 4,200 mg, DL-methionine (3c301) 3,000 mg, L-tryptophan (3.4.1.) 1,500 mg .

Feeding instructions: 
Canvit Amino sol. is given properly diluted in drinking water or mixed into the feed according to the dosage. When used after increased exertion or illness, the dosage can be doubled for approximately 3-5 days. The diluted solution must be protected from direct sunlight and must be used as soon as possible - degradation of active substances.

Daily dose Dog (10 kg b.w.) 5 ml, Cat (3-4 kg b.w.) 1-2 ml.

Minimum shelf life up to:
18 months indicated on the packaging.

125 ml indicated on the packaging.

in a dry, dark place, in the original closed packaging.

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