Canvit AMINO sol. pro psy 125 ml

Canvit AMINO sol. pro psy 125 ml


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Product Details:

Convalescence after exercise, sports and illness Canvit Amino sol. is a liquid source of energy, amino acids, vitamins and salt for rapid recovery and regeneration after exercise, stress, sports and during illness. Increased intake of energy, amino acids and vitamins is necessary for rapid regeneration and convalescence of the organism after exercise, sports activity, stressful situations and illness. Canvit Amin sol. is a source of quickly available energy, amino acids and vitamins in the form of a liquid solution for immediate application in times of increased need.


Source of quickly available energy for sporting and working dogs Acceleration of regeneration and convalescence of the body after exercise and stressful situations Nutritional support for animals suffering from incapacity and during illness

Method of use:

AMINO sol is given directly into feed or water once a day according to the recommended dosage below

Recommended daily dose:

5 ml per 10 kg dog weight 2 ml per 4 kg cat weight 1 ml AMINO salt contains Glucose 30 mg, sodium chloride 1.8 mg, magnesium chloride 20 µg, Choline chloride 20 mg Vitamins: Niacinamide 2,000 µg, D-panthenol 1,000 µg, Vitamin B1 500 µg, Vitamin B2 500 µg, Vitamin B6 500 ,g, Biotin 3 µg. Amino acids: L-lysine HCL 8000 ,g, L-threonine 4200 µg, DL-methionine 3000 µg, L-tryptophan 1500 µg

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