Canvit Health Care Snack Dental 200 g

Canvit Health Care Snack Dental 200 g


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Support of healthy teeth and gums in the form of a tasty treat. Healthy snacks for healthy teeth and gums. Functional delicacy with chicken, chlorella, cloves, omega 3 unsaturated fatty acids, collagen and hexametaphosphate for healthy teeth and gums with an irresistible taste. Tartar, plaque and gingivitis are very common problems in dogs, which are manifested in dogs by unpleasant bad breath, bleeding gums, pain, reluctance to bite and often end in tooth extraction. The only effective dental care is prevention aimed at reducing the formation of dental plaque. Chlorella, Clove, omega 3 unsaturated fatty acids, collagen and hexametaphosphate effectively suppress the formation of dental plaque and also have anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and healing effects on the gingival mucosa. The Canvit Dental Health Care Snack effectively cares for healthy teeth and gums, and your dog also tastes great. Supplementary food for dogs.


potatoes, chicken (15%), liquid starch, herring oil (5%), hydrolysed chicken liver, collagen, chlorella (5 g / kg), sodium hexametaphosphate (2 g / kg), cloves (1 g / kg).

Analytical composition:

crude protein 16.0%, fat content 7.5%, moisture 17.0%, crude ash 3.5%, crude fiber 1.5%.

Nutritional additives in 1 kg:

vitamin C (E301) 600 mg.


Prevention of dental plaque and gingivitis Reduction of unpleasant odors from the oral cavity Removal of existing dental plaque

Method of use:

Canvit Dental Health Care Snack is served directly from the hand.

Recommended daily dose:

1 - 2 cubes per 1 kg of animal weight 10 cubes for 10 kg dog contains Chlorella 50 mg, Hexametaphosphate 20 mg, Clove 10 mg, Omega 3 unsaturated fatty acids: (EPA, DHA) 200 mg

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