Canvit Multi for cats 100 g

Canvit Multi for cats 100 g


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Product Details:

Vitamins for everyday use A complex of 13 vitamins and Taurine for active support of health, metabolism, immunity and resistance to stress in cats. Vitamins are involved in all metabolic processes taking place in the body. Vitamins are important for digestion, absorption and conversion of nutrients in body tissue. It also participates in defense and detoxification processes. Increased need for vitamins occurs during growth, illness, convalescence, pregnancy, breastfeeding and old age. In cats, a sufficient supply of vitamins is especially important for coping with stressful situations. Taurine is an essential amino acid for cats for the proper development and function of blood vessels, heart and eyes.


Promoting proper growth and development in kittens, growing, pregnant and lactating cats Strengthening the immune system during illness or convalescence Promoting easy overcoming and prevention of stressful situations in cats

Method of use:

The tablets are given directly by hand or crushed into food

Recommended daily dose:

1 tbl per 2 kg animal weight One tablet contains: Vitamins: Vitamin A 1000 IU, Vitamin D3 10 IU, Vitamin E 6000 ,g, Vitamin K 100 µg, Vitamin B1 300 ,g, Vitamin B2 300 µg, Vitamin B6 200 µg, Vitamin B12 5 µg, Vitamin C 3,000 ,g, Biotin 250 µg, Niacinamide 1000 µg, Calcium pantothenate 1000 µg, Folic acid 25 µg Amino acids: Taurine 10 mg

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