Canvit Nutrimin for dogs 230 g

Canvit Nutrimin for dogs 230 g


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Product Details:

A complex vitamin-mineral preparation for dogs A complex of 14 vitamins, microelements and L-carnitine with high bioavailability for balanced feeding and prevention of hypovitaminosis in dogs fed a home diet and BARF Home-prepared diet or BARF for dogs contains sufficient protein, carbohydrates and fats, but in terms of vitamin and mineral content is this diet is insufficient. An example is a feed ration composed of meat and bones, which contains a large amount of phosphorus but a minimum of bioavailable calcium. Prolonged feeding of a diet low in vitamins and minerals can cause irreversible damage to health. Canvit Nutrimin contains a complex of 14 vitamins and organically bound minerals for the preparation of a balanced feed ration.


Feed ration balance in dogs fed a home diet and BARF Prevention of hypovitaminosis and mineral deficiency

Method of use:

The powder is mixed into the feed

Recommended daily dose:

1 g per 1 kg of animal weight 1 g contains: Vitamins: Vitamin A 150 IU, Vitamin D3 10 IU, Vitamin E 1,500 ,g, Vitamin K 15 µg, Vitamin B1 50 µg, Vitamin B2 60 µg, Vitamin B6 50 µg, Vitamin B12 0.6 µg, Vitamin C 500 ,g, Biotin 1.5 µg, Niacinamide 400 µg, Calcium pantothenate 300 µg, Folic acid 5 µg, Choline chloride 15 mg Microelements: Iron 800 µg, Zinc 800 µg, Copper 160 ,g, Manganese 600 µg, Iodine 8 µg, Selenium 1.8 ,g, Other: L-carnitine 2 600 µg

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