Compact Shrimp soil  POWDER (8 Liter)
Compact Shrimp soil  POWDER (8 Liter)
Compact Shrimp soil  POWDER (8 Liter)

Compact Shrimp soil POWDER (8 Liter)


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Neo Soil Compact Shrimp by AQUARIO is a special substrate for shrimp aquariums. Its focus is the support of shrimp viability, colouring as well as formation of the shell whilst keeping the high standards of a holistic nutrient supply for water plants. In addition, the beads are formed with very fine pores in their core which makes them act as a very own biological filter.
The soil consists of nutrient-rich soils of volcanic origin. It is beneficial for the growth of tropical aquatic plants and creates the perfect living conditions for shrimps. The soil contains humic acids originating from shrimp's natural habitats, which provide adult shrimp with an excellent water quality and increase the viability of baby shrimp.


In addition, Neo Soil Compact Shrimp is rich on microelements that strengthen the formation and texture of shrimp shell and have an important influence on the colouration.

Waterquality with Neo Soil Shrimp

Due to the special structural composition of the soil particles, which combines two layers of different natural soil types - brown soil inside and black soil outside - the soil has a lower weight and its own filtering effect. It adsorbs soilings and thus, keeping the water clean.


After already 7 days, this substrate creates a stable water quality in the aquarium.

Day NH3/NH4 [mg/l] NO2 [mg/l] NO3 [mg/l]
Orignal Water 0 0 0
After 7 days 0,25 0 12,5
After 14 days 0 0 12,5
After 21 days 0 0 12,5

Next to the ability to lower the pH-value as well as the water hardness, which many soils provide and is surely not neglected with this soil, Neo Soil does have more features that make it unique. Other than most soils, the Neo Soil includes bacteria that are activated as soon as the soil makes contact with water. These beneficial bacteria in the soil play an important role in biological degradation processes in the aquarium by converting undesirable substances such as nitrite. Additionally, they limit the growth of harmful organisms abundant in the water. The soil already contains sufficient nutrients to allow the bacteria?s quick and stable establishment in the tank. Since the bacteria also provide the plants with nutrients that are present in the soil, growth is accelerated and facilitated in the critical starting phase. Additionally, microscopically small pores in the beads cause an increase in surface area and, thus, the habitat for additional important bacteria. In combination with the adsorbing features of the two layers of soil, this effect makes Neo soil a biological filter itself.


  • Substrate with a grain size of 3 mm
  • Particularly suitable for shrimp aquariums and shrimp breeding
  • Enriched with useful bacteria
  • Contains microelements and humic acids
  • Creates ideal conditions for shrimps (e.g. crystal red dwarf shrimps), tropical fish and water plants
  • Positive effect on colour formation and shell strength
  • Soil particles with many micropores for enhanced microbial colonisation
  • Slightly reduces the pH-value
  • Adsorbing effect on soilings for crystal clear water
  • For nano tanks, there is the very fine powder variation


8 litres of Neo Soil are sufficient for a 50 litre aquarium.
Apply on the ground of the aquarium without rinsing beforehand. The soil cannot be used in combination with an under-gravel filter.
The Neo Soil can be modelled best with a gravel spatula as desired.
To avoid turbidity when filling the aquarium, the aquarium should be filled with water very carefully. It is recommended to cover the bottom beforehand, e. g. with kitchen roll paper. Planting in the tank is much easier if the soil is sufficiently moistened. After planting, the aquarium can be carefully filled to the desired water level. Any turbidity that may occur is quickly removed as soon as the filter is switched on.


Animal stocking should only be added to the aquarium after a certain period of acclimatisation.

Neo Soil is a natural product from natural volcanic ash. Therefore, light impurities such as woods cannot be excluded.


After the setup, 30% of the water should be changed every 2 days, later a weekly water change of 30% is sufficient.

If the Neo Soil Compact is used with other brands of soils, the water should be changed more frequently to avoid growth of undesired algae.

Keep out of the reach of children.




The manufacturer AQUARIO is specialised in the field of high-quality acrylic CO2 diffusors, highly efficient biological CO2 systems as well as substrates and filter materials for aquaristics. Founded in 2010, the Korean company follows the guiding principle that every private person should be able to produce a close-to-nature aquascape with the help of their products. Therefore, Aquario offers very chic and discreet aquarium accessories that do not interfere with the aquarium layout. Moreover, they keep optimising their product range with brand new innovations. Since 2019, Aquario has been exporting their precious goods abroad.

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