Dragon stone MIX Size per KG

Dragon stone MIX Size per KG


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Crazy stone fish tank landscape stone Dragon stone

Size: S:8-15CM M:15-25CM

Dragon Stone, also known as Ohko Stone, is a popular aquascaping rock named after it's scale like texture. The natural details and crevices gives your aquascape an aged look that can't be duplicated with artificial decorations. The clay-like composition of this type of stone makes it brittle compared to other rocks, allowing larger rocks to easily be broken down with chisel and hammer.

Dragon Stone is inert and will not influence your water chemistry, making it the ideal layout material for any aquarium.

BLACK SEIRYU STONE This is unique stone that comes in various shapes, sizes, and features. The stones are primarily charcoal colored with common characteristics that include white marbling, grooves, and jagged edges. It often used in Iwagumi rock layouts but is versatile and can create a range of looks depending on use.

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