Plumapick Farmyard 250G

Plumapick Farmyard 250G


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Product Details:

Plumapick (Feather Picking)

For Poultry

250 g box


  •  Contains sulphur amino acids
  •  Stimulates feather growth
  •  Corrects dietary mineral and vitamin deficiencies

Made in France


Poultry have a tendency to peck each other when changing from fuzz to feathers or when moulting. The period is even more difficult when there are many animals. With minerals, amino acids, vitamins and trace elements, Francodex Plumapick stimulates feather growth from the age of 3 weeks and helps reduce pecking problems among poultry.

Add to daily feeding. Mix 4g of Special Egg Laying with 100g of food during the feather regrowth period.

PLUMAPICK is to be used in addition to a healthy lifestyle for poultry: feed a balanced diet and transition gradually, as with any change in diet. Make sure that poultry are in good physical health and that their living area is clean. Replace water every day. Avoid overpopulation and separate pecking victims. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool and dry place away from light. Close the container after use.

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