sera med Professional Nematol 10 ml

sera med Professional Nematol 10 ml


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Water conditioner against Camallanus, Capillaria and other Nematodes

Water conditioner for the reliable and gentle removal of parasitic roundworms (nematodes) in freshwater and marine fish.

Nematodes such as Camallanus sp., Capillaria sp. and discus pinworms (Oxyuris sp.), can become a severe problem that often remains unnoticed for a long time especially in freshwater aquariums. Cichlids are particularly frequently infected.

Invertebrates such as shrimps and crayfish do not tolerate the treatment.


Not for sale in the USA.


sera med Professional Nematol med Prof Nematol 10ml US/F/NL/I/E (FS) 10 ml / 0.33 fl.oz. sufficient for: 106 US gal. (400 liters) 02196 43062

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